Purchasing a Vape: Things To Consider


To have a wonderful & safe smoking experience, you need to choose the right vape. You can come across plenty of options in the market like vape pen, pod vape, unregulated box mod, personal vaporizer, mech mod, etc. There are also available plenty of nicotine levels & flavours to select from. If you’re looking for more information on vape pods online, browse the above site.

Things to know to buy the right vape pods online

About Box Mod

e-the electronic versions & low powered mods were tube-like & were the first ones to be introduced in the market. They looked more like regular packets and each unit comprised of disposable cartridges. These cartridges had to be replaced on its expiry.

Then, vape pens were introduced that were longer & wider devices. These units had bigger batteries, came with longer backup time & offered better performance. Box mods can be termed to be a vaping gadget which appeared like a box, but not like those conventional pen-type shapes. They featured large screens & circuit boards and were more complex to perform variety of functions.

Box Mod vs. Vape Pen

Pen shaped devices were smaller as compared to box mods and hence, portable. However, vape box is more preferred due to several reasons. Although not flexible like the cylinder device, it offers several unique features like better control, better cloud production & longer battery life.

Features of Regulated Box Mod

Sophisticated chipsets were used in regulated box mods along with advanced controls. Such features allow you to derive maximum from the unit. Hence, they tend to be a bit expensive when compared to the alternatives. But it is worth paying the extra price. Some features offered are as follows.

Safety: Regulated mods are available with internal regulations, thus ensuring that the units never misfire. Mechanical box mods are not known to send across filter voltage without unspecified resistance to internal atomizer. Failure may occur within the unregulated box mod due to low ohm coil & non-compatible battery. This is because of improper safety measure taken.

Temperature control: Both temperature & wattage are controllable in new box mods.
Taking into consideration the above aspects will allow you to invest in a good vaping gadget and have amazing experience.